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Coats and Parka

Stylish coats and fashion jackets for women

The new Pennyblack collection of stylish coats and fashion jackets for women offers a refined collection of items with close attention to detail. Made from lightweight, soft fabric, our elegant outerwear unites generations. The brand’s signature passion for tartan, houndstooth and stripes conjures up the past, while creating cutting-edge, innovative fashions for the present day. Our modern vision of classic styles renews the present and projects into the future.

With its mix of elegance and authenticity, the new Pennyblack collection of women’s coats and padded jackets stands out for its creativity and refinement, draping the female form in sophisticated, comfortable styles.

The Pennyblack collection of coats and padded jackets features various styles and fabrics, playing with shapes, colours and patterns. From women’s double-breasted trench coats and reversible parkas to lightweight, slim-fitting cotton coats and women’s padded jackets, our outerwear is always designed with an easy-to-wear style. For everyday, easy-going elegance, the Pennyblack catalogue features double-breasted or reversible coats and pure-wool pea coats that can be worn over deconstructed jackets. Slim-fit blazers combine perfectly with elegant trousers, while jersey parkas are a perfect pairing with maxi shirt dresses or straight-lined dresses.

With their dynamic and timeless style, Pennyblack coats and padded jackets are perfect with any everyday outfit, making them a must-have for the cold season.