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Jackets and Blazers

Women’s fashion jackets and stylish blazers

Pennyblack women’s fashion jackets and stylish blazers
add a touch of flair and colour to the successful, modern woman’s wardrobe, making them an essential part of a custom-built outfit.
Pennyblack women’s smart jackets and blazers elevate elegant and sophisticated yet slightly laidback styles thanks to the work and determination of a cohesive team of professional designers who study fashion and create their own spin on it with creativity, quality and an eagle eye on the latest trends. The Pennyblack ready-to-wear collection offers practical, colourful women’s jackets and blazers with innovative cuts.

The new Pennyblack catalogue features lightly deconstructed jackets that are ideal for any occasion, along with slim-fit blazers and easy-to-wear, double-breasted tailcoats that perfectly express style and flair. Imagine a women’s tuxedo jacket that hangs over classically cut, colourful trousers, or an Italian leather biker jacket paired with slim-fit jeans and a T-shirt. These unique outfits redefine the concept of casual elegance via innovative silhouettes.
Pennyblack clothing was designed for practical, well-balanced women who love fashion and seek to create their own personal style through women’s clothing that makes a strong impression on every occasion.

Dress in women’s fashion jackets and blazers featuring Pennyblack’s signature style and colours. A perfect example of cutting-edge Italian design.